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As a member of your employer’s Group Life Insurance scheme, a lump sum benefit is paid if you were to die while being a member of the scheme.

The trustees of your scheme decide who to pay your benefit to. When they decide they’ll consider your circumstances at the time of your death, and your wishes as recorded by MEC. By completing your ‘Expression of Wish’ details below, you can guide the Trustees of your scheme to allocate any benefit as you would like.

    My Information

    Beneficiary or Beneficiaries

    I wish the Trustees to consider paying any lump sum death benefits to the following person(s).

    If you wish to name more than one person, please state the percentage for each person. If you wish to nominate more than four persons, please enclose a separate letter with this form.

    Number of Beneficiaries

    Beneficiary 1

    Beneficiary 2

    Beneficiary 3

    Beneficiary 4



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